Plastové Prepravné Obaly s.r.o. that was established in 2000 is a dynamically developing company which, during its business activities, has become one of the most important suppliers in the Slovak and Hungarian markets. Our experience, mainly in the area of development and manufacture of containers, has led to creating a leading position for our company in packing and transportation containers, containers for the technical and food industries.

Later, we started our activities also in the field of design and manufacture of containers and transport boxes for shipment in the automotive and technical industry where we have succeeded to achieve the position of top and main suppliers.

The increased interest in our services and products drives us forwards, and we try to provide best solutions to our customers, focusing on the quality and final satisfaction of the customer.



  - The plastic bigboxes may be truly regarded as the required part of flow of materials and products in the individual sections of industry. Due to the design, lifetime, and rather many supplementary equipment, our bigboxes have been used in the food and technical industry, as well as in storage and transport of automotive parts, and many other applications.


  - Our carriages used under cases are constructed for safe and simple transportation of stacks of cases. We offer carriages in various designs. All carriages are highly resistant, hygienic, and suitable for cooling and freezing boxes. They are made of plastics or stainless steel, with wide selection of wheels and turns.


- The plastic cases have been for many year an inseparable part of the flow of materials and products in individual sections of industry. Due to their construction, simple handling, long lifetime, and various accessories, the plastic cases are used in many industrial branches. Our assortment offers cases for the food industry, cases for fruit and vegetables, and cases determined for technical industry.

Customized containers

- Our customers, mainly from the automotive industry, are offered the services of consulting, development, and manufacture of containers that are made precisely according to the customer´s requirements. They include textile fixation cardboard, plastic grids, and separators, various foam fixation, and boxes of non-standard size.


- We offer to our customer a wide scale of plastic palettes. They include hygienic plastic palettes that are certified and satisfy all hygienic standards for contact with food products, and they are suitable also for any cooling and freezing boxes and all food production plants.

Another category are plastic palettes for the technical industry. The customer may elect from many types and designs. It means the basic design on 9 legs, smooth or with rails, circumferential stops which serve to prevent movement and sliding off the stack material from the palette, or we offer reinforced palettes for transport of very heavy products, palettes with antiskid surface. At present, for export to foreign countries (mainly to the U.S.A. or Asia), the so-called “one-way” palettes are very popular, as they satisfy the hygienic standards of foreign countries. Such palettes need not be chemically treated, and their price already corresponds to that of the classic OBSOLETE wooden palettes.

The benefits of plastic palettes: fix weight (they do not soak water as the OBSOLETE wooden palettes), make no dust and never leave wooden chips in warehouses, longer lifetime, never represent a side income for warehouse keepers, and never end as buyout, are hygienic and washable.